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Our North Star is to improve the healthcare outcomes of people afflicted by serious diseases with our innovative medicines.


We are here for you

It is that person afflicted with a serious disease that we have at the center of all that we do.

People are the center of what we do

From our expeditions all over the world’s oceans, to our state of the art lab technicians and chemists trying to identifying novel medicines, to our world renowned scientists and experienced physicians.

With clinicians who put the potential new medicines through the rigorous steps needed to ensure safety and efficacy. And beyond approval to our pharmacovigilance and quality teams ensuring our drugs are as safe as possible.

Every step we take, is a step closer to delivering a novel medicine to that person.

Every step we take is a step closer to helping someone

We do this so that they may have improved quality of life while maximizing life expectancy. This may mean dancing at their daughter’s wedding, or holding a newly born grandchild, taking that round the world cruise they have dreamed of all their lives, or simply continuing to live a productive and pleasurable life surrounded by their friends and family.

At PharmaMar, we seek to empower that person afflicted with a serious disease who is at the center of our universe, as well as their families and friends, their caregivers, their healthcare teams, with information that can assist them in making the most informed, and most personally appropriate decisions. We are here for You.

Resources for patients and caregivers

We seek to empower that person at the center of our universe with information that can assist them in making the most informed, and most personally appropriate decisions.

Get well informed

Every day, truthful and trustworthy information is hard to identify. We want to change that.

Find support and improve your wellbeing

Support Groups

Support Groups can serve an important role in emotional support.


Care for your mind and body with recommended compatible activities.

Caregivers & Family

Find resources to better understand and care for your close ones, and yourself.

Clinical Trials

PharmaMar is driven by science and motivated by patients with serious diseases to improve their lives by delivering novel medicines to them. The scientific process involves asking a question, performing basic research, establishing a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis by carrying out experiments or collecting observations based on those predictions.

Clinical trials are part of the process to determine if the hypothesis was correct to ensure appropriate standards of patient care and safety.


If you are aware of any side effect or adverse event for anyone including you or a loved one using one of our medicines, please report it immediately to us.

Report a side effect ->

Pharmacovigilance is essential to public trust in medicines

Adverse events and side effects

They should be reported by the person taking the medicine or anyone who becomes aware of them to their healthcare provider and to PharmaMar.


They are shared anonymously with healthcare authorities who then determine if the risk-benefit of the medicine has changed.


Sometimes, it is necessary to amend the label and communicate the adverse event to healthcare professionals and/or patients, occasionally even to remove the drug from the market.


Request more information directly from us

We and our partners outside of Europe can help provide you and your team of healthcare professionals with appropriate information on our commercially available products in your location.

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