Virology Unit

Learn about our progress in finding effective treatments for viral diseases.

What is PharmaMar Virology Unit?

What is PharmaMar Virology Unit?

"We need to be prepared to fight the viruses that are currently affecting and seriously impacting society, along with the viruses that could appear in the near future. What has happened with SARS-CoV-2, could happen again."

José María Fernández, Ph.D.

President of PharmaMar


Currently, we are exploring in clinical trials a potential
Covid-19 treatment

To treat

current patients of COVID-19

Treat new pandemics

that could descend upon the world again

To learn more about viruses

and how to improve responses to them

"PharmaMar’s Virology Unit has been created to discover, to develop and to incorporate new therapeutic options for viral diseases. The current priority of our virology unit is our Phase III clinical trial for plitidepsin in patients with Covid-19."

Belén Sopesen Veramendi

Director Virology Business Unit

How does Plitidepsin help people with Covid-19?

Plitidepsin is a cyclic depsipeptide, meaning it is a cyclic peptide in which there is one or more ester bond in place of one or more of a peptide bond.
Its mechanism of action is as an inhibitor of the host protein eukaryotic translation factor EF1A.
Plitidepsin stops EF1A from being co-opted by a virus protein (N) so as to replicate, interrupting the virus-human protein interaction required by the virus.

How does Plitidepsin help people with Covid-19?

Plitidepsin has been investigated in in vitro and in vivo studies at several leading research centers worldwide such as the National Biotechnology Center of the Spanish National Research Council (CNB-CSIC), the Institute of Emerging Pathogens at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and the Institut Pasteur in Korea.

Plitidepsin also successfully completed a Phase II clinical trial with safety as its primary endpoint. This study led to the Phase III trial.

In certain circumstances, pharmaceutical companies with the agreement of relevant healthcare authorities can make a medicine available prior to its approval. This is usually limited to where the condition is an unmet medical need. These programs may be called ‘compassionate use’ or ‘expanded access’.

Talk with your healthcare professional to ask if such a program exists in your location and to discuss if it would be appropriate for you, Or, they can email for virology, stating your interest and country of residence. The enquiry must come from a healthcare professional.

"The world is experiencing different types of virus pandemics in different geographic areas. They are becoming increasingly important and are having a huge social and economic impact. At present, we live with viruses in animals that are susceptible to jump species, ending up affecting human beings."

José María Fernández, Ph.D.

President of PharmaMar

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