Cofinanced Projects

PharmaMar’s research efforts have been recognized through grants from public entities for several projects, both individual and in cooperation with public centers and private companies.

Spanish Partnerships

Marbiom logos


Marine microbiome against cancer. Reference: RTC-2017-6405-1

The MarBiom project aims to assess the capacity of the cultivable marine microbiome to identify novel molecules with antitumor activity, basically polyketide metabolites and non-ribosomal peptides. It will also allow the application of new genomic, biochemical and analytical techniques to advance the discovery of new antitumor molecules.

PharmaMar (Coordinator)
Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies
Zaidín Experimental Station
University of Almería

Duration: 2018-2022.

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A new patient-derived circulating micrometastases-on-chip platform for drug screen and validation. Reference: PLEC2021-008106.

The µMETonChip project develops an innovative micro-system using a chip format with patient-derived circulating tumor cells and micrometastases. Furthermore, the different cell types and micrometastases are tested, as well as the efficacy of natural marine compounds as potential drugs for metastatic cancer patients.

CNIO (Coordinator)

Duration: 2021-2024.

International Partnership

ITTC-P4 Logos


Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer – Pediatric Preclinical POC Platform. Reference: 116064. Call: IMI2-2015-07-05 “A comprehensive ‘pediatric preclinical POC platform’ to enable clinical molecule development for children with cancer”

The project aims to establish a preclinical study platform that increases therapeutic success of oncology drugs in children with solid malignancies. It is leaded by the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ).

Duration: 2017-2021.


Secreted Logos


Sustainable Exploitation of bio-based Compounds Revealed and Engineered from Natural Sources. Proposal Number: 101000794-2. Call: H2020-FNR-2020-2

The Project aims to fully exploit the potential of aquatic biotechnology and produce novel industrial products for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemistry sectors. SECRETed will develop novel hybrid molecules with tailor-made properties. It is leaded by Optimización Orientada a la Sostenibilidad.

Duration: 2021-2025.

Individual Projects

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Clinical and pharmacokinetic, open-label, dose-scalation Phase I study of PM14 after intravenous administration to patients with advanced solid tumors. IDI-20170558

The project includes a clinical, open-label and dose-scalation Phase I study for PM14. It is the first clinical study for this compound. The primary goal of the study is to determine the limiting toxicities, maximum tolerated dose and recommended dose of PM14 after intravenous administration to patients with advanced solid tumors. Besides, the project aims to assess the safety and tolerability of PM14, define its pharmacokinetic profile, make pharmacogenomic analysis and obtain preliminary information about the antitumour activity of this compound.

Duration: 2017-2020.

Finished Projects


  • UNDERLIPIDS: Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Subcutaneous Administration of Antitumour Marine Compounds. Reference: RTC-2015-3303-1.
  • INMUNOTOP: Discovery of Innovative Antitumour Drugs against Oncology Targets: Topoisomerase System and Immune Answer Regulation. Reference: RTC-2016-4611-1.
  • DESPOL: Biotechnology Applied to the Activation of Nonribosomal Polyketides and Peptides that Are Bioactive in Marine Bacteria. Reference: RTC-2016-4892-1.
  • MARINMAB: Development of a New Generation of Anticancer Therapies: Antibody-Marine Drug Conjugates. Reference: IPT-2012-0198-090000.
  • ORALBEADS: Development of solid/nanostructural pathways for the oral administration of antitumoral marine compounds. IPT-2011-0754-900000.
  • BIOKETIDO: Marine Poliketides in oncology. Development of bioprocesses for the supply of marine anti-tumoral compounds based on biotechnology. IPT-2011-0752-900000.
  • POLYSFERA: Polymeric nanocapsules for the controlled and targeted liberation of antitumoral drugs. IPT-090000-2010-1.


  • INMARE: Industrial Applications of Marine Enzymes: Innovative screening and expression platforms to discover and use the functional protein diversity from the sea. Reference: 634486. Call H2020-BG.
  • BLUEPHARMTRAIN: Co-Cultivation of Sponge Cells & Microorganisms. Reference: 607786. Call FP7 PEOPLE.
  • MULTIFUN: Multifunctional Nanotechnology for selective detection and Treatment of cancer. Reference: 262943. Call FP7 NMP.
  • MICRO B3: Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology. Reference: 287589. Call FP7 OCEAN.
  • MACUMBA: Marine Microorganisms: Cultivation Methods for Improving their Biotechnological Applications. Reference: 311975. Call FP7 KBBE.
  • DENDREAMERS: Functional Liquid Crystal Dendrimers: Synthesis of New Materials, resource for New Applications. FP7-P-2007-1-1-ITN.
  • MULTIFUN: Multifunctional Nanotechnology for selective detection and Treatment of cancer. FP7-NMP-2010-262943.
  • NANOTHER: Integration of novel nanoparticle based technology for therapeutics and diagnosis of different types of cancer. FP7-NMP-2007- 213631.
  • MAMBA: Marine metagenomics for new biotechnological Application. FP7-KBBE-2008-3-2-2007.
  • OPTATIO: OPtimizing TArgets and Therapeutics In high risk and refractOry Multiple Myeloma. FP7-H-2011-278570-2.
  • METAFIGHT: Understanding and fighting metastasis via dissection of the Core Invasive Machinery. FP7-H-2007-201862.


  • The incorporation of novel technology for the production of trabectedin. RCI-010000-2013-15.
  • More industrialized, optimal and sustainable processes re-engineering for obtaining PM1183. SEI-010000-2012-195.
  • New high capacity, sustainable, safe and efficient processes focused on innovative products and therapies in the treatment against cancer. SEI-010000-2011-102.
  • The evaluation of systems administration through the inhalatory route for lung cancer studies in rodent models. PPT-300000-2009-004.
  • New antitumor metabolites produced by marine fungi. PPT-090000-2009-003.
  • Clinical and pharmacokinetic, multicentre, open-label Phase I study of PM1183 in combination with Irinotecan in previously treated patients with advanced solid tumors. IDI-20160110.
  • Efficacy studies in the treatment of selected advanced solid tumors with the marine-origin antitumor compound lurbinectedin. IDI-20150006.
  • Phase I study of the antitumor compound PM060184 combined with gemcitabine. IDI-20150007.
  • Technical development of the synthesis, escalation and formulation for the manufacture of the marine antitumoral compound, lurbinectedin (PM1183). IDI-20130950.
  • Evaluation of the marine antitumoral compound (PM1183) in patients with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in combination with paclitaxel in patients with advanced solid tumors. IDI-20130938.
  • Lurbinectedin: Study of the pharmacological and clinical behavior in combination with capecitabine, and an evaluation of the antitumoral activity in Breast Cancer. IDI-20130013.
  • Identification of the molecular markers of the drug response to antitumoral drugs. IAP-570000-2008-64.
  • Research and clinical development of new antitumoral compounds. IAP-570000-2008-3.
  • Research and development of the antitumoral compounds: Zalypsis and Aplidin. IAP-560200-2008-67.
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