PharmaMar is a fully integrated Spanish biotech/pharmaceutical. Born in 1986, the company takes its inspiration for discovery of oncology medicines from the sea.

PharmaMar is a unique biotech company focused on marine discovery

PharmaMar is a unique biotech company focused on marine discovery

"To date, PharmaMar has three approvals in various locations including USA, EU and Japan: Yondelis®, Zepzelca®, Aplidin®.

As recognition of our success, we were added to the IBEX35 Index in 2020, the benchmark stock market index of the Bolsa de Madrid."

Jose Luis Moreno, Director, Capital Markets and Investors Relations

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Starting with marine expeditions all over the world, we do basic research to identify drug candidates, conduct pre-clinical work, clinical trials, and commercialize ourselves in Europe.

Our approach to investors and shareholders is simple: we are transparent in our communications, accommodate investor and shareholder request, release material news on a timely and equitable basis, and are proactive in reaching out when there are situations that require context.


Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3, planta 5
28003, Madrid, Spain

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Tel 1: +34 914 44 45 00
Tel 2: +34 902 10 19 00

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