RIGOR and COMMITMENT are some of Pharma Mar's values. Therefore, we are proud to honor them by being TRANSPARENT. We want our stakeholders (5P) to know and understand what we do and what motivates us to do it.

That is why we are firmly committed to transparency, both in our work as a pharmaceutical company and in our relationship with healthcare professionals and organizations. We believe that sharing information about this relationship in a transparent and clear manner helps us to better explain the value of our work to the public and to fulfill our mission as a company to "improve the health of patients affected by serious diseases with our innovative medicines".

No one doubts either the general benefit or the need for collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare organizations and professionals. This is a legitimate symbiosis that is essential for therapeutic progress and for the advancement of much-needed scientific research. PharmaMar is clearly committed to R&D, and to this end, it needs the support of various healthcare agents. Neither progress in research nor improvements in health care would be possible without this close and fruitful collaboration between the health system and pharmaceutical companies.

By publishing our transfers of value we offer transparent communication and thus help to create a basis of trust and mutual respect between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals, patients, shareholders and the general population. Providing this information and making it available to everyone is not only necessary in order to be able to carry out our work in accordance with current regulations, but also shows the value of our work for patients' health.

For this reason, Pharma Mar, in compliance with the industry codes to which it adheres (EFPIA, Farmaindustria, etc.), makes its transfers of value transparent in accordance with the regulations applicable in the country and/or those codes.

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