Code of Ethics

The pillar on which our Compliance program is based is our Code of Ethics, which defines the principles and values that guide the conduct of all PharmaMar employees.

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At Pharma Mar, we are firmly committed to our obligations as a company, both those required by law and applicable regulations and those we voluntarily assume (Industry codes, Internal procedures, etc.). This commitment governs all relations with our stakeholders (5P).

Corporate Compliance Committee
In addition to the Compliance Department, which is in charge of ensuring proper compliance with our legal requirements, applicable Codes, Policies and Procedures, etc., PharmaMar has a group-wide Corporate Compliance Committee, a collegiate body with autonomous powers of initiative and control that is entrusted with the function of supervising the operation and compliance with the Organization and Management Model for Crime Prevention.
It is composed of the Global Compliance Head, who chairs it, the General Secretary, the HR Director and the Virology Unit Director.

Health Care Compliance Committee
The Health Care Compliance Committee (HCC) is composed of Oncology and Virology unit directors together with the Compliance team and is chaired by the Compliance Officer. The purpose of this committee is to ensure that our business is conducted in accordance with EFPIA's Codes of Ethics, applicable local Codes (such as the Farmaindustria Code), laws underpinning it and also our internal principles, rules and procedures (SOPS).

Anti-Corruption Regulations and Prevention Program
PharmaMar has a Criminal Risk Prevention Model aimed at promoting an ethical culture and preventing any action that could contravene the law and ethics in our company. Among other matters, it has approved a set of Policies and Procedures (SOPs), including the Anti-Corruption Policy, which highlights PharmaMar's firm commitment to fight any type of corruption or fraud.
In addition, taking into account our sector and its nuances such as the interaction of the pharmaceutical industry with healthcare professionals, with different actors of the healthcare system and with scientific and patient associations, the company has specific Policies and Procedures for these issues. The company is also a member of Farmaindustria's self-regulation system for the pharmaceutical industry in Spain, and is obliged to comply with the Code of Good Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Farmaindustria Code

Of course, as part of its compliance with the Farmaindustria Code, PharmaMar annually discloses all transfers of value in accordance with the Code.

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The Whistleblower Channel
The company has a whistleblower channel available to PharmaMar's employees and external collaborators so they can report any potential compliance irregularities. This channel allows anonymous communications.

Data protection
Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy sets out the company's privacy management objectives. Application of the Policy is mandatory for all PharmaMar employees and collaborators. It helps to ensure the security of the personal data we process within the company and to prevent the alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access to such data.
Our Policy is adapted to the requirements of the EU Regulation 679/2016 (RGPD) and the Organic Law 3/2018, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights (LOPD). In addition, PharmaMar has appointed a Data Protection Officer or DPO.

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