Corporate Responsability & Ethics

”Our main ESG issues are innovation, the wellbeing and improvement of our patients’ living conditions, and the quality and safety of our products as well as to protect marine biodiversity, since the sea is the source of our active ingredients.”

María Luisa de Francia, Chief Financial Officer.

We are committed to respect all of our stakeholders

We are committed to respect all of our stakeholders

Sustainability policy

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Non-Financial Information Statements

Ethics & Compliance

“Compliance is structured around our values of commitment, rigor and respect so as to allow the business to thrive within the context of its codes, rules and regulations, both internally and externally.”

Sandra Llamera, Compliance Director

Ethics & Compliance

1. Code of Ethics

Discover our Code of Ethics                                                     .

2. Crime Prevention & Anti-Coruption

PharmaMar has a Criminal Risk Prevention Model aimed at
promoting an ethical culture and preventing any action
that could contravene the law and ethics in our company.

Among other matters, it has approved a set of Policies
and Procedures (SOPs), including the Anti-Corruption Policy,
which highlights PharmaMar’s firm commitment to fight any
type of corruption or fraud.

In addition, taking into account our sector and its nuances
such as the interaction of the pharmaceutical industry with
healthcare professionals, with different actors of the
healthcare system and with scientific and patient
associations, the company has specific Policies and
Procedures for these issues.

The company is also a member of Farmaindustria’s
self-regulation system for the pharmaceutical industry

in Spain, and is obliged to comply with the Code of Good
Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

3. Transparency

Discover our Transfers of Value                                                  .

4. Pharmaceutical compliance

Discover the Pharmaceutical compliance                                  .

5. PharmaMar Values

Download PharmaMar Values                                                        .

Regulatory affairs

“Regulatory affairs plays a key role in ensuring that high quality, safe and efficacious medicines are developed, registered, and marketed as early as possible.”

Maria José Arce-Tomás, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs

Driven by principles and core values


We are motivated to offer hope to patients with unmet medical needs, including in rare disease, and are accountable to patients as well as ourselves to deliver on this.


We are a unique company inspired by marine exploration for the discovery of novel medicines.


We are in an innovation business with the know-how to pursue our objectives, and the commitment to drive optimal outcomes for all our stakeholders.


Our company treats all our stakeholders with respect and integrity.


We are prepared to carry out the development of our products consistently, with rigor to the scientific process, under the dictated specifications.

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