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What it’s like to work at PharmaMar.

Where moonshots become reality

Our success is testimony to the dedication and effort the PharmaMar team brings to work every day, striving to make their families proud of the work they do to improve healthcare outcomes for people afflicted with serious diseases.

Where moonshots become reality

PharmaMar at a glance, 2020 annual report

PharmaMar today

We are a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, chemists, clinicians, engineers, computer technicians, lab professionals, biostatisticians, legal advisors, accounting experts, communications professionals, capital markets, regulatory affairs, business development and commercial departments, administrators, and many more all working tirelessly towards one goal; to improve the healthcare outcomes of people afflicted with serious diseases.

Driven by principles and core values


We are motivated to offer hope to patients with unmet medical needs, including in rare disease, and are accountable to patients as well as ourselves to deliver on this.


We are a unique company inspired by marine exploration for the discovery of novel medicines.


We are in an innovation business with the know-how to pursue our objectives, and the commitment to drive optimal outcomes for all our stakeholders.


Our company treats all our stakeholders with respect and integrity.


We are prepared to carry out the development of our products consistently, with rigor to the scientific process, under the dictated specifications.

Benefits & Balance

Working at PharmaMar, involves working in a company which is a world leader in the development and commercialization of anticancer drugs of marine origin. As a philosophy that contributes to the long term success of our company, we are committed to the environment and to the health and safety of our employees.

PharmaMar offers a competitive attractive salary package, however we are aware of the importance of other benefits, as well as respect for work-life balance.

  • Annual Gross Salary plus a variable remuneration conditioned to performance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Insurance for death by accident, partial or permanent disability due to accident
  • Health Insurance Policy financed 100% by the Company. It also offers a reimbursement policy
  • Canteen financed 100% by the Company, and offers a wide range of daily menus

  • English Language courses , for all the employees within the working day
  • Bus shuttle from mass transit
  • Infirmary
  • Flu vaccination campaign
  • Advantageous terms for the leasing of cars
  • Parking spots depending on availability

What it’s like to work at PharmaMar

“I am excited about our future because every little contribution is important and doing what patients need will bring a brighter future”

We have so many different careers in PharmaMar

Experience and Innovation

What it’s like to work at PharmaMar

We have so many different careers in PharmaMar

Experience and Innovation

Corporate Compliance Officer

Paula López-Palop

In the Compliance Dept. we are lucky to obtain a general overview of the operations undertaken by PharmaMar. That enables us to guide the company to act coherently, optimising our activity to contribute to the healthcare community, society and, above all, our patients.

Chemical Processes

Andrés Francesch

Our chemical processes are carried out with the rigor of the scientific method, which allows us to synthesize and optimize the complex molecules that nature has to offer for patient’s benefits.

Production Manager

Juan Francisco Gómez

We are prepared to carry out the manufacturing of the required quantities of our products in a consistent manner, meeting the highest quality standards.

Marine Organisms Collection Department

Fernando Asenjo

We do work that is unique in the world. We are inspired by what the sea offers us for the discovery of new drugs for the treatment of patients affected by serious diseases.

Clinical Data Manager

Nadia Torres

We are very rigorous with the analysis of clinical data. The data integrity is key at everything we do, especially in clinical studies. We have very robust quality procedures and we are committed to achieving the best and most accurate results from our clinical trials to improve patient’s health.


Sofia Cascajares

It is exciting to see firsthand which of the marine compounds have biological activity. We are motivated to offer hope to patients with unmet medical needs.


Raquel Altares

Bioanalysis, with the use of sophisticated analytical tools, helps us to accurately understand what the body is able to do on the drug, defining key drug-like properties such as absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

Logistics Manager

Pablo Baños

It is a great logistical challenge to deliver our medicines to hospitals around the world. From our facilities, we distribute to more than 80 countries. We are committed to patients, as well as to ourselves, to fulfill our responsibility.

Associate Director of Strategic Development, Virology and Inflammation

José Antonio López Martín

As a physician, our driving force is the development of solutions for patients with diseases with suboptimal treatments, such as SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. The commitment of the Virology and Inflammation Unit is precisely with these people, to accelerate their recovery with novel drugs based on nature's own selection of chemical compounds over millions of years of evolution.

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