We are PharmaMar

We are inspired by the sea, driven by science, and motivated by patients with serious diseases to improve their lives by delivering novel medicines to them. We intend to continue to be the world leader in marine medicinal discovery, development and innovation.

How did it start?

How did it start?

Our principles and core values


We are motivated to offer hope to patients with unmet medical needs, including in rare disease, and are accountable to patients as well as ourselves to deliver on this.


We are a unique company inspired by marine exploration for the discovery of novel medicines.


We are in an innovation business with the know-how to pursue our objectives, and the commitment to drive optimal outcomes for all our stakeholders.


Our company treats all our stakeholders with respect and integrity.


We are prepared to carry out the development of our products consistently, with rigor to the scientific process, under the dictated specifications.

A team of experts

We are a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, chemists, clinicians, engineers, computer technicians, lab professionals, biostatisticians and more all working tirelessly towards one goal; to improve the healthcare outcomes of people afflicted with serious diseases.

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Our international presence

We have 18 partners that cover over 100 countries for our three commercial drugs. PharmaMar is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and the United States.

Wholly owned subsidiairies

Genomica in Diagnostics

Learn more: www.genomica.com

Sylentis in RNAi

Learn more: www.sylentis.com

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