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Miguel Martínez-Cava
Communication Manager


Pharmacovigilance Contact Information to report an adverse reaction* or special situation**:

For any notification, please provide:

  • Information that identifies the person that reports the information: name, contact information (Email, Phone number, Fax, or Mail address)
  • Information that identifies the person exposed to the drug and who experienced the adverse reaction or special situation**: sex, age
  • PharmaMar company drug to which the person has been exposed
  • Adverse reaction or the special situation** that the person experienced


* Adverse reaction: An adverse reaction is a response to a medicinal product which is noxious and unintended [DIR Art 1].

**Special situations: overdose/medication errors/abuse/off-label use/pregnancy exposure (mother or father)/breastfeeding exposure/suspicion of the infectious agent transmission/lack of efficacy/unexpected clinical or therapeutic benefit/occupational exposure.

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