Luis Mora Capitán
Managing Director, Oncology & Virology Business Units
Fun fact:“I explore new routes on my mountain bike whenever I can”

With 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona, Luis Mora began his career as the Financial Controller for Zambon, S.A. and Pharmazam, S.A. in Barcelona and later as Head of Finance for Zambón Portugal. From 1995-2000 he served as Financial Controller with the Antibióticos Group (Montedison), and as Board Member of Vitatene, in Milan, Italy. He joined PharmaMar in 2000 as Chief Financial Officer and was appointed Managing Director in 2008, presiding over the unit through Yondelis®, Aplidin® and ZepzelcaTM approvals in various countries including those regulated by FDA and EMA.

Maria Jose Arce-Tomas, PhD
Global Head of Regulatory Affairs
Fun fact:“I had dinner with Monty Python´s co-founder and star John Cleese”

María joined PharmaMar in November 2019 from Novo Nordisk A/S where she was the Corporate Global Vice President and Head of Biopharm Global Regulatory Affairs.

Prior to Novo Nordisk, María held a number of senior corporate leadership positions at GE Healthcare, GSK, Abbott, Takeda and Norgine.

María holds a PhD in Biochemistry from King’s College, University of London, an MSc in Toxicology and a BSc in Pharmacy from Valencia University in Spain. She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs from the University of Cardiff.

At PharmaMar, Maria is the face of the Company to the regulatory authorities around the world. She works side by side with the senior executive leadership team from R&D, Commercial, Legal, Business Development and Operations and externally with Regulators and other experts, to deliver on Global business strategies and maximize the products’ potential in an effective and compliant manner.

Pascal Besman
Chief Operating Officer of PharmaMar U.S.
Fun fact:“Prior to working on Wall Street, I was a professional pianist”

Pascal Besman oversees all activities of PharmaMar in the United States, including alliance management with Jazz Pharma. Mr. Besman joined PharmaMar from Maxim Group in 2016, a New York-based global investment bank, where he served as Head of Healthcare Equity Sales since 2014. Prior, he served as a health care specialist and institutional equity salesperson at several leading investment banks, including JMP Securities, UBS, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch, catering to institutional healthcare investors. He authored for many years a widely-read weekly biotech overview newsletter for C-suite executives entitled The Buzz. He also is a published novelist. Mr. Besman holds a B.Sc. from the London School of Economics.

Elisa Borrego, Ph.D.
Director, Public Affairs
Fun fact:“I love playing paddle tennis and my goal is to win, at least once, a local tournament”

Elisa joined PharmaMar in 2021. She holds a PhD in Pharmacy from UCM; a Master's degree in Public Health and Health Institutions, both from UAM; and an Executive MBA from IE.

With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, she has worked in both the public and private sectors. Since 2015, she led the Access and Government Affairs teams at Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she led the launch of 11 products in less than two years, with a special focus on immuno-oncology. In the private sector, she has also held positions of responsibility at Sanitas Hospitales, Lilly and MSD. In her time in public management, she has been General Director of Quality, Accreditation, Evaluation and Health Inspection of the Community of Madrid and Managing Director of PC.

Elisa has great negotiating skills and is a promoter of unique and innovative ideas and projects.

Elena Calleja Crespo
Director, Finance Oncology Business Unit
Fun fact:“If I ever get lost you will find me in Cantabria enjoying its mountains, coasts and gastronomy”

Elena obtained her degree in economics, with a focus on the Public Sector and Monetary Economy, from the Complutense University of Madrid and a master in Corporate Tax Consultancy from ICADE University.

She started her professional career at PriceWaterhouse in Madrid in the Audit division and then moved to the Tax, Legal and Financial Division, where she worked until 1994. She was a Senior Consultant in C&G, where she managed tax consultancy and financial projects in various companies, both public and private, within the logistics, transport and technological research sectors. In 1998, she returned to PricewaterhouseCoopers Madrid as Consultant within the Tax, Legal and Financial Division to various global financial sector clients.

She joined PharmaMar in 2002 as the Financial Controller., a position she held until she was appointed Finance Director in April 2008.

Carmen Cuevas Marchante, Ph.D.
Director, Research & Development
Fun fact:“In my job I explore the sea, in my free time I like to discover new paths by hiking or cycling”

Carmen joined PharmaMar in 1997 performing in different positions in the R&D Department. In 2003, she was appointed Director of Research & Development at PharmaMar, where she is responsible for the areas of drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and preclinical. Carmen has authored more than 85 scientific publications and has been invited to speak numerous times at international scientific congresses and research institutions. She has an impressive record in drug discovery, with over 20 patent applications and more than 20 funded research programs. Among other achievements, she is responsible for the development of the innovative synthesis process of the marine-derived anticancer drug, Yondelis®.

Carmen obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country, and completed her post-doctoral training at the School of Medicine at the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, working within the Pharmacology Department. She also obtained a management development program diploma from IESE.

Carmen Eibe
Director, Project Coordination
Fun fact:“I am passionate about new technologies, from the use of Artificial Intelligence to invest in the stock market, through the different business models of electric cars to the ironing robot that also folds and organizes clothes”

Ms. Eibe graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Seville, and holds an executive MBA from the School of Business Administration (EAE).

She joined the Zeltia Group in 2003 where she leads the Department of Project Coordination that manages numerous R+D+I projects, in which PharmaMar and the Group's subsidiaries participate.

Recently she was an executive member of the Boards of EuropaBio, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE-EFPIA) and Vice-president at the Spanish Biotechnology Association (ASEBIO) representing PharmaMar. Previously, since 1998 she was General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg, having climbed since 1994 through various positions within the Commercial Department. During her tenure as head of the Chamber in Brussels, she was appointed General Secretary of the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe (FEDECOM).

José María Jimeno
VP Global Head Virus & Inflammation
Fun fact:“Mountain climbing makes me fun, happy and motivated”

Dr. Jimeno rejoined PharmaMar in 2020 in the virology unit. He is a medical oncologist, and holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona. From 2015, Dr. Jimeno served as Chief Medical Officer at Phosplatin Therapeutics, and remains part of its  Scientific Advisory He was formerly VP of Clinical and Scientific Development at PharmaMar, responsible for developing Yondelis®, which is approved in over 80 countries including the US and EU, and the development of Aplidin® which is approved in Australia for multiple myeloma.

Previously he worked at Farmitalia Carlo Erba and US Biosciences. Most recently, Dr Jimeno was co-founder and CEO of Pangaea Biotech, a cancer diagnostics company where he was involved in developing their EGFR diagnostic approved by the FDA. Dr. Jimeno has published over 100 papers in peer review journals on cancer and is a guest lecturer in immunology at The University of Zaragoza in Spain.

Juan Nogués Ortuño
Director, International Marketing and Sales
Fun fact:“I was... and I like to think I still am, a rugby player"

Juan joined PharmaMar in 2012 and, since 2013, he has been responsible for the International Marketing and Sales Department, for the progress of Yondelis® sales in Spain and Portugal, and in PharmaMar's European subsidiaries (Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux). He also coordinates relations with IMMEDICA (Nordic and Central European countries) and GENESIS PHARMA (Greece, Cyprus and Croatia), which sell Yondelis® under license in other European countries.

A graduate in Law and Economics from ICADE (E-3) and PADE from IESE, he has more than 35 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Before working at PharmaMar Juan was General Manager at the Spanish subsidiary of EISAI and responsible for Hospitals and Oncology at GSK.

Heiner Pieper
VP, Business Development & Licensing
Fun fact:“In my free time I like watersports, and also to kick sports cars around the Nürburgring”

Heiner graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Cologne, and started his pharmaceutical career at Bayer. His experience spans over 25 years in commercial functions in Europe and Latin America.  He has also worked for ASTA Medica AG and Baxter as country manager in Argentina and regional director for Latin America where he led Oncology for key brands such as Navelbine® and Holoxan®. In 2003, he joined Merck KGaA’s headquarters in Darmstadt, where he became the regional director for Latin America and launched Erbitux® within the Oncology franchise.

With the acquisition of Serono in 2007 he moved to business development in Geneva and headed MerckSerono’s global department for emerging markets and general medicine before joining PharmaMar in 2013 as VP, BD&L.

He is a member of the Pharmaceutical Licensing Club in Germany (PLCD) and part of the European network of Pharmaceutical Licensing groups (EPLG).

Luis Rupérez Cuenca
Director, Human Resources and IT
Fun fact:"I am passionate about Menorca, I keep discovering new corners of its coast by kayaking"

Luis Rupérez has been Director of Human Resources, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environment, Information Technology and General Services for PharmaMar Oncology Spain and its subsidiaries in Europe and the US since he joined in 2003. He has a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Marketing and Commercial Management Program and Human Resources Management Program. He has been working as Human Resources Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry since 1992. He worked at Servier Laboratories (Paris, France) and Antibioticos Farma. Previously he worked in the Human Resources area of service sector companies such as Ibermática and Sofemasa (Sema Group).

Belén Sopesén Veramendi
Director, Virology Business Unit
Fun fact:“Two deserts, two rallies: Abu Dhabi and Paracas (Peru) Different but complementary. Go for the next one!”

She joined PharmaMar in 2005 and is Virology Business Unit Director since 2021. She sits on the Board of Sylentis and is an independent Board member of Biocross SL.

Previously, she was Director of Market Research and, between 2015-2018, General Manager and Board Member (2014-2018) of Xylazel. Between 2006 and 2014, she was General Manager of Noscira, a biotechnology company in the group dedicated to R&D.

Previously she was Manager and Technical Director of Qualysite Consultores., a company that she co-founded. Previously, she worked in a Contract Research Organisation, Cibest between 1997 and 2001).

She belongs to the Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine, of which she was president from 2013 to 2015, and for 20 years has been on the teaching committee of the Master Course in Clinical Trials Monitoring at the Madrid Professional Association of Pharmacists.

She holds a PhD in Pharmacy from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Ali Zeaiter, M.D.
Director, Clinical Development
Fun fact:“I love relaxing with my tropical fish and parrot”

Ali Zeaiter joined PharmaMar in 2018 as the Director of Clinical Development in the Oncology Unit. Dr. Zeaiter is a board certified Medical Oncologist with over 15 years’ experience in pharma. Before joining PharmaMar, he was the Head of Clinical Development of the Onco-hematology therapeutics area at Servier Laboratories where he led the integration of Shire Oncology. Before that, he spent 11 years at F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Basel, Switzerland. In his role as Global Development Team Leader, Dr. Zeaiter led the development strategies of different projects such as Avastin (Pediatric and GBM), Tarceva and Alecensa, and was member of the Lung Disease Area Strategy of the company. Before joining Roche, between 2003 and 2007, Dr. Zeaiter served as a medical oncologist in different Parisian hospitals, also working for 2 years at the oncology-specialized CRO, Cvitkovic et Associés Consultants. Dr. Zeaiter completed his Medical Degree, followed by a Diploma of specialization in Medical Oncology at the Russian State Medical University in Moscow, receiving a Certificate of specialization in Medical Oncology from the University of Paris VII in Paris, France.